Ortanca Restaurant was founded to create a special and different breakfast experience for its guests at june 2017.

In a short while, “the special gourmet breakfast” that they are offering has received great recognition, resulting in an increase of non-accomodating guests. Meanwhile, most of the guests were mentioning that they were feeling at home at Betahome Golevi.

Later on, Ortanca Restaurant has started offering special delicacies for the booking inhouse guests, accepting lunch and dinner reservations, expanding the service for the outside coming guests.

Gulash, braised oven cooked lamb with mint sauce, grilled red pepper salad with tahini and pine nuts, and pumpkin cup dessert are among the favorite delicacy of the guests.

Chef Dogan Anapa explains the philosophy of Ortanca Restaurant, which is a husband-wife establishment:

“Home made feeling, seasonal first class ingredients, with a suprising twist on the plate.”

The spicy sauces and the house-made jams are the products of back garden.

Early squeezed raw olive oil is supplied from Canakkale, whereas breakfast sujuks are specially dried upon order.

The wide selection of cheese is bought from a local cheese supplier, whereas different selection of goat cheese is supplied from artisan cheese producers.

Fresh organic eggs, butter, nice smelling tomatoes and cripsy green pepper are all supplied from a small village farm.

Seasonal vegetables and fruits are all supplied from local Sapanca open market.

It is also possible to taste, some mouth watering delicacies such as, lemon cake, fudge browni, orange milfoulle, cinnamon roll, pear almond muffin, onion brioche bread and vegetable quiche in Ortanca Restaurant kitchen. Oven baked sujuk-kasar bread is always the classic of the weekend.

Surrounded by blossoming flowers, its soulful lake side view, and convenient athmospere, and inhouse soft classical music, Beta Home Golevi is inviting you to a super sweet weekend in Ortanca Restaurant.


Working in the film sector for fifteen years, in various roles and as a director, Dogan Anapa grew up in a house, surrounded by naturals chefs, cooking with with a lot of gusto, and having good food in cheerful long tables.
Dogan Anapa thinks every plate has a story, similar to a film. He believes the form and content has the equal importance in gastronomy.
Working in respectful food companies such as Kantin, Istanbul and gaining experience in bakery at other companies hes set up his own company, “Crostini” in Cihangir area, serving gourmet delicacies.

Crostini has gained respect and recognition in various food festivals. After two years, Dogan Anapa and his wife Sebnem Isiisik Anapa decided to grow up their kid in a natural environment and carried the gusto of Crostini to Betahome Golevi Sapanca, Ortanca Restaurant.

Since June 2017 they keep on producing tasty delicacies in Sapanca.


Stop by to have a cup of coffee, and we can chat about your wedding plans, engagement party, upcoming events, or group dinners.